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The Saxon Mobility Scooter the standard 8 mph mobility from Horizon Mobility. Benefiting from the same robust design and build.

With many options available to increase range, comfort & storage, this scooter will offer you good transport

SAXON Horizon Saxon Mobility Scooter


The Mayan AC, the ultimate scooter. With unbelievable power and robust build this scooter is the world’s most powerful mobility scooter. For off road use it will not be beaten, and if you are a person of heavier build, here is a scooter that will carry you effortlessly.

MAYAN AC Horizon Mayan AC Mobility Scooter


The Aztec is our entry level offroad all terrain mobility scooter. With a 1400watt motor, all round suspension and high ground clearance this scooter is an excellent all round mobility scooter

Try one to see for yourself

AZTEC Horizon Aztec Mobility Scooter British Healthcare Trades Association Logo
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Do not put up with scooters that warn you ‘NOT TO BE USED IN WET DAMP OR MISTY CONDITIONS’ there just aren’t too many of these in the United Kingdom in a year. All Horizon built scooters can be used everyday, come sun, rain, or snow, take it all in their stride.

If you are looking for a strong reliable scooter for those trips into town, or a very tough offroad all terrain mobility scooter, you will find a model to suit you from the comprehensive vehicles built in the UK. Come and see us build you mobility scooter if you wish

Why not arrange to see and try one, the only cost would be a cup of tea, well perhaps a biscuit or two.

We even offer a facility to allow you to hire one for a week or so, just to ensure you have the opportunity to give these scooters a thorough trial before making your decision, call and we will explain

BUY WISELY The Horizon Mayan AC

Horizon Mobility is a family business owned and operated by two brothers, our mission is to build and support a range of mobility scooters that will improve and enhance the independence and lifestyle of their users. These custom built mobility scooters have an amazing array of features to meet your needs and achieve this goal for you. Read about them yes, but talk to us and see how we can help you.

A long time ago, our father told us that the bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer than the sweetness of cheap price.  So don’t be swayed by the price alone, look to the quality of build and the proven life expectancy of your purchase.

The robust monocoque chassis provides for safety and strength along with the impressive ride of these mobility scooters. Mobility scooters designed to meet your needs, and provide the platform for your adventures. Yet, they are also well behaved for everyday transport on those trips to the town for shopping or visiting friends.

A quick call to arrange a demonstration will prove to you what these can do. If you are considering a mobility scooter, whatever the reason, you really should try one of these, just to compare them against any other. In like for like comparisons the taught level ride will impress and provide a true sense of confidence.

Mobility scooters to set the pulse racing, safe, stylish, robust and with the highest level of safety for the user of the scooter. Computer aided design means that everything is economically placed to give the very best driving position. Just one more benefit to ownership. Try one and see for yourself.

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